Reed Diffusers
  • Reed Diffusers

    Scent your home in a subtle yet stylish way with our homemade reed diffusers. They come in a variety of scents and are packaged perfectly in a reed diffuser box. Available in several scents.

    Please do not leave reed diffusers in reach of children or pets. The ingredients used can be harmful if ingested. In the event of ingestion, please refer to the CLP information on the product and inform a doctor of the ingredients. Please do not hesitate to contact Hannah Mullen if you have any queries or concerns.

    Some of the ingredients used are very harmful if they come into contact with your eyes. Please ensure you follow the instructions given on the CLP if this occurs.

    Some of the ingredients used in this product can damage furnishings if spilled. Please ensure you wipe any soiled surfaces immediately to limit damage.

    Scents Available:
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