2020 has been a very strange year. Not just for me but i'm sure for everyone around the world. 2020 is the year I finally bit the bullet and transformed my passion for wax melts into my very own little business. Spending a lot of time in the house gave me the opportunity to plan and make and it has really helped my mental health! Getting creative and making wax melts for my wonderful customers fills me with an overwhelming sense of pride and achievement and I thank all of you for that!

Christmas has always been my favourite holiday and come November, i'm transformed into the world of Christmas cheer, seasonal scents, Harry Potter marathons, mulled wine and fluffy socks. Since this is my first year in business, I felt that it would be wrong not to do something special for my customers and their families. Call me Santa's helper!

These past few weeks have been filled with Christmas planning and making on every front imaginable: Drawing up ideas of what I want my bundles to look like, choosing scents that would suit almost every customer, finding the perfect packaging, pricing each product and making over 5kg worth of wax products. It has been a very busy few weeks and I really hope that all of my hard work pays off because I truly have put very ounce of effort and time available into this range!

2021 holds a lot of exciting ideas and business opportunities and I cannot wait to see how my business grows in its second year! I'd love to widen my range of products and add more to my scent range! But for now, I'm excited to release my Christmas range on Saturday 31st October, sit in my cosy pjs, watch some movies and enjoy my favourite holiday season!

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Updated: Apr 29, 2020

Wax melts have always been a must-have for me. I just love the scent that they give off, not to mention the beautiful colours and the way the wax dances in the dish - I could sit and watch it all day! Wax melts are available in many forms. I make them as snap bars, clam shells and diamonds, but i'm looking at adding even more varieties so that your wax melt experiences is different each time you buy.

My wax melts are made from soy which means that they are natural and paraffin free. "So what exactly are wax melts?" I hear you ask? Wax melts are basically a no-wick version of a candle. You can burn these by using wax melt burners and you can get them in two forms: Electric or tealight. If you want a no flame environment, I would highly recommend an electric burner, as all you need to do is plug it in, switch it on and enjoy your favourite scent. Tealight burners require a tealight underneath the wax dish, which melts the wax and releases the glorious scents you choose.

Now that you are clued up on what a wax melt is, the next question you'll be asking is "What do I do now?" Am I right? It's really simple. Say you've chosen one of my beautiful snap bars. Snap off two or three (or more if you have a big wax melt burner) blocks and pop them into the well or dish of your wax melt burner. Either switch it on, if it's electric, or light a tealight beneath the well or dish of your wax melt burner and enjoy the euphoria as your favourite scent is unleashed into your room. If you're like me, you might even sit by it and watch the glitters shimmer and dance around your burner as the colours swirl and mix, like a miniature whirlpool, but better!

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