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Mother's Day Collection Now Available!

Large Flower Melts

This whopping 70g flower melt is hand painted for a personal touch!

These flowers last as long as a large snap bar.



Mini Flower Melts

Gift your mum with a cute pack of five small flower melts this Mother's Day, to add a bit of scent to her home!



Mother's Day Bundle Box

Gift your mum this Mother's Day with a variety of wax melts including a large snap bar, flower melts and two chunky snap bars.



Scent your home

Make your room smell amazing with Essential Essence's strongly scented reed diffusers.

For easy storage

Clamshells are wax melts tucked cosily into a container which are  easy to store and use.

Keep your melts together

Keep your wax melt collection neat and tidy with one of our wax melt storage boxes.

What are wax melts?

Wax melts are fragranced pieces of wax, just like a candle, except there is no wick present. Wax melts are a popular way to fill your room with your favourite scents by using a tealight burner or an electric burner. 

Simply place your melt into the well of your burner and light your tealight, or turn on your electric burner to melt the wax and experience a strong, long lasting fragrance! 

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